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on martes septiembre 2020, 2011
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This article appeared in special editions of “El Mercurio” on August 13, 2011.
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This team of young professionals specializes in taking forward projects to support the financial sector andretail, and also has extensive experience in the education market and telecommunications.

An analysis done for all data and information available from a company is vital to reduce uncertainty in decision making and anticipate new scenarios.

This is one of the services Metric Arts consultancy provides its customers. Formed three years ago by engineers and academics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) Jaime Patricio Caiceo and chest, the company specializes in the analysis of data from a business perspective. This, through its data integration services, multidimensional analysis, data mining, statistical analysis and knowledge management systems.

“Today is absolutely unthinkable to run a business from intuition,” says Patrick Cofré, founding partner of Metric Arts, Industrial civil engineer and professor at PUC Schools of Engineering and Statistics at the PUC and the Faculty of Economics and Business the University of Chile.

While it is true that during the last decade Chilean companies understood the importance of storing information relating to their work, there is still no real awareness of the value of the data analysis can generate.

“Any company that requires manage information and reduce uncertainty in decision-making process will benefit from these tools,” says Cofré.

Metric Arts was founded on the basis of two essential goals: to become the best alternative for business intelligence to its customers and deliver innovative thinking and new knowledge to each of them.

To achieve these objectives, the company consists of different kinds of professionals such as engineers analysts, statisticians, business intelligence architects and project managers.

Through the use of statistics and artificial intelligence, Metric Arts offers its customers the ability to administer and manage your business more security and freedom.

“Our consultants align business needs with an analytical strategy, then collect and integrate available information, monitoring and controlling,” says Jaime Caiceo, founding partner of Metric Arts. This industrial civil engineer and professor at PUC Schools PUC Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Chile, adds that “from this process may generate new knowledge and business value” .


This process of consulting, Metric Arts incorporates a focus essential to its value proposition training forinternal teams, allowing the knowledge is maintained in each of its customers.

“In some cases we had to assemble the analytical area of our customers, whether specializing in their own people or to lead the recruitment process,” explains Caiceo.

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Two objectives: Increase Value and Reduce Risk

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