The PYME’s take advantage of the data analysis
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If before it was thought that Business Intelligence was only reserved for large corporations, today’s increasingly small and medium enterprises access their benefits.

Motivates the need to professionalize small and medium enterprises increasingly invest in technology. And not just in regard to hardware and equipment, but also solutions that add value to your business.

In this sense, the intelligence data that was previously dedicated only to large corporations, today is moving ever closer to mid-sized companies.

Is that the use of Business Intelligence need not be expensive or complicated. On the contrary, properly manage the data your company creates value, transforming them into useful reports, dashboards or teaching graphic clairvoyant, it is possible and necessary for all types and sizes of company.

Is that small and medium enterprises are mostly managed by their owners. And for many entrepreneurs, tools to support decisions tend to be a combination of static historical reporting, spreadsheet analysis and a good deal of intuition, which can be manageable as long as it remains in a certain range. .. But when the company wants to grow is that the problems begin with the data and making decisions.

Experts say that companies often make two mistakes with respect to information: collecting too much information or too little. And make decisions before they have sufficient and accurate information is a mistake that has a high market price.

Is that, although never before been possible to gather as much information so easily. The problem is to use it well … And there is that business intelligence has contributed its share of aid.

Typically impediments to BI adoption are the cost and complexity. But these are no longer barriers and SMEs increasingly are realizing that the data are very important for the company in an increasingly globalized market. And, the systems that learn and make decisions by transforming information into critical data, are essential to compete in these environments.

More interest

According to IDC, the ERP market for this segment in emerging countries is about U.S. $ 1,800 million, withgrowth forecast of 9.4% annually by 2013. And according to experts, Business Analytics is the next ITsolution that will have more demand among these companies.

Jaime Caiceo, executive director of Metric Arts, has seen with his own eyes and medium-sized companieshave been adding to the benefits of intelligence data to make decisions.

“There is a prejudice that says that business intelligence is expensive and is reserved for large companies, but that does not. The same evolution of technologies has been decreasing all costs of adoption of thesesolutions,” says the executive .

He adds that in this sense the mass of cloud computing and its adaptation to the Business Intelligence solutions have been a great contribution.

In fact, Gartner, said that in the next 5 years there will be new scenarios related to cloud computing for analysis and data management, which will open doors to SMEs, which should not invest heavily in infrastructure to enjoy their benefits.

For example, excessive costs of having a data warehouse or data storage server is saved themselves bytaking it into the cloud, with maximum security, which also adds to the corporate social responsibility and contribution to current policies technological greener or more environmentally friendly as it passes many servers themselves to a Data Center.

Do I need it?

The advantages of having a business intelligence solution can help the success of a growing business.Experts say that having access to business intelligence is invaluable for any business, but for a small and medium enterprises with limited resources to support good decision making can have an impact in reducingunnecessary costs, increase efficiency of marketing and sales opportunities is required to know whether or not a BI solution, so that an SME should ask is whether it has sufficient information to its objectives of increasing new customers, increase sales or to be more efficient can be achieved.

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