The problem of performance anxiety
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on martes septiembre 2010, 2011
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Column written by Jaime Caiceo

It is quite common to find in planning meetings or presentations of the state of progress with the problem of anxiety, anxiety about results. In a changing and fast-paced world such as ours, people in general are eager to show progress, show results, ultimately, to present an improvement over an earlier state. In the context of management and project planning, this issue becomes crucial.

It is complex to manage a project in a climate of great anxiety, since in general several aspects may come to be questioned in order to show some results. In the middle of a presentation, anyone could get to put something like: “we have not seen results yet and we are already 6 months of work.” What do respond to that? How to handle this need is becoming more and more strength?

Over the years, and from the experience gained in projects of various kinds, we have to manage and handle this anxiety. The solution is simple and, indeed, should be an essential part of project planning analytical cut: it is essential to generate intermediate results. The best way to reduce anxiety is to enhance the delivery of quick results, do not necessarily represent an entire solution, but if it is routed. In this sense, planning should consider the possibility of creating small deliverables along the entire project, so as to show the way to the final solution and make clear the progress of the project itself.

To achieve effectively reduce anxiety, it is crucial that these results are valuable intermediates that are able to generate value. The idea is to generate results simply because of gender, but it really contribute to the objectives that support the project. Who could question a project that has generated a number of valuable results from the work developed?

Experience tells us that this is a good way and generally manages to create a great satisfaction of the people involved in a project and allows you to perform a more effective and without undue pressure.

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