We have developed several software solutions for our customers. These portals include analytical reports, custom analytic applications and integration tools and data cleansing.

Price Indexes

Advanced analysis of the prices available on multiple digital platforms, all this according to specific needs ofindustries such as: investment banking, real estate, Retail and others, allowing our customers predict thebehavior of the market. Prices and economic indexes generated by our specialists, models facilitate the definitionof competitive strategies and positioning. SERVICE DETAILS Construction of automated […]

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Power BI

Metric Reporting is a solution for managing and displaying Web-based reports, which can improve the distribution of information within your organization, supporting the decision making process.

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Campaign systems

Systems development and maintenance of campaign managers, in order to keep proper records of customer interactions, in order to monitor and devise new strategies of contact

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Credit Scoring

Systems capable of interacting remotely with the evaluation systems, so we can issue approvals and quotaallocations based on risk policies and models defined together with our customers.

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Reduction of uncertainty based on information