What we do

Metric Arts offers business intelligence solutions based on specific objectives of each of the companies who contact us through our freedom to select the best methodologies and tools. Our position as leaders in the development and implementation of business intelligence solutions for different types of companies have allowed us to build a corporate culture focused on continuous improvement, integrating advances in technology and the expertise of our professionals to solve problems different business areas.

Construction of datawarehouse

We have extensive knowledge of various technology platforms that coexist in a company to ensure their successful integration to begin a process of analysis.

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Credit Scoring

Systems capable of interacting remotely with the evaluation systems, so we can issue approvals and quotaallocations based on risk policies and models defined together with our customers.

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Case of success: Implementation OLAP cubes for Analiza.cl

Almost a year than was the release of Analyze, Claude Loyola (ChileCompra Boss Public Market) spoke about the challenges of this project, almost unique in the world and its experience with the team Metric Arts inthe development of this tool.

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Reduction of uncertainty based on information