What we do

Metric Arts offers business intelligence solutions based on specific objectives of each of the companies who contact us through our freedom to select the best methodologies and tools. Our position as leaders in the development and implementation of business intelligence solutions for different types of companies have allowed us to build a corporate culture focused on continuous improvement, integrating advances in technology and the expertise of our professionals to solve problems different business areas.

Price Indexes

Advanced analysis of the prices available on multiple digital platforms, all this according to specific needs ofindustries such as: investment banking, real estate, Retail and others, allowing our customers predict thebehavior of the market. Prices and economic indexes generated by our specialists, models facilitate the definitionof competitive strategies and positioning. SERVICE DETAILS Construction of automated […]

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Power BI

Metric Reporting is a solution for managing and displaying Web-based reports, which can improve the distribution of information within your organization, supporting the decision making process.

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Campaign systems

Systems development and maintenance of campaign managers, in order to keep proper records of customer interactions, in order to monitor and devise new strategies of contact

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Data Mining

Consultancy is the definition of processes, equipment and analytical strategy for companies seeking to generate an analytical activity of its main assets to exploit and the basis of their sustainable competitivenessover time.

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Design Consulting Information Systems

We design consultancy in the physical and logical analytical information systems in different layers from thebackoffice to the final deployment and interaction with the user.

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Reduction of uncertainty based on information