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Discovering customer profiles

Within the traditional customer segmentation studies, we find those exploiting the demographic dimension, using variables such as age, sex, income or occupation. Others use comportacional dimension such as timeconsumption, frequency of use and accuracy, some also incorporate the geographic dimension and manyothers combine dimensions.

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Microsoft Announces RC0 to SQL Server 2012

A few days ago, the official blog of SQL Server was announced the launch of SQL Server 2012 ReleaseCandidate. In the same are some of the features included in the new version, including: greater availability, fast performance, fast data exploration, data reliable and consistent, optimized for productivity

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Turning data into decisions

It has become almost a commonplace of the discourse on information technology (IT) paradigm of transforming data into information and of these, in turn, into knowledge. However, to review progress on these issues within organizations, one can see that efforts often lack vision and sustainability

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Reduction of uncertainty based on information