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Finning-CAT success case gets published by Microsoft

Metric Arts´customer Finning-CAT success case using Cortana Intelligence Suite, was published by Microsoft in the “Customers Stories” selection, that showcase their best implementations around the world. The dramatic contraction in the mining industry is forcing mining companies to find new ways to increase yields and reduce costs. Finning—the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer—realized it could help […]

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Following the footsteps of customers and competition

In the design of products and lines, as well as determining strategies for these, it is essential to take intoconsideration the customer and the competition.

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The problem of performance anxiety

It is quite common to find in planning meetings or presentations of the state of progress with the problem of anxiety, anxiety about results. In a changing and fast-paced world such as ours, people in general are eager to show progress, show results, ultimately, to present an improvement over an earlier state

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Turning data into decisions

It has become almost a commonplace of the discourse on information technology (IT) paradigm of transforming data into information and of these, in turn, into knowledge. However, to review progress on these issues within organizations, one can see that efforts often lack vision and sustainability

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Reduction of uncertainty based on information