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Finning-CAT success case gets published by Microsoft

Metric Arts´customer Finning-CAT success case using Cortana Intelligence Suite, was published by Microsoft in the “Customers Stories” selection, that showcase their best implementations around the world. The dramatic contraction in the mining industry is forcing mining companies to find new ways to increase yields and reduce costs. Finning—the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer—realized it could help […]

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Metric Arts participates in the main SmartCities World Fair

The days 15, 16 and 17 of November was held in Barcelona the fair Smartcity Expo, main fair in the world on smart cities technologies. On this occasion, Metric Arts participated along with other 7 companies as part of the Chilean delegation in this prestigious fair. Metric Arts presented its advances in computer vision to improve public transport […]

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Following the footsteps of customers and competition

In the design of products and lines, as well as determining strategies for these, it is essential to take intoconsideration the customer and the competition.

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Young Focus in the information management

This team of young professionals specializes in taking forward projects to support the financial sector andretail, and also has extensive experience in the education market and telecommunications

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The PYME’s take advantage of the data analysis

If before it was thought that Business Intelligence was only reserved for large corporations, today’s increasingly small and medium enterprises access their benefits.

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Two objectives: Increase Value and Reduce Risk