Discovering customer profiles
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on martes septiembre 2059, 2011
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Within the traditional customer segmentation studies, we find those exploiting the demographic dimension, using variables such as age, sex, income or occupation. Others use comportacional dimension such as timeconsumption, frequency of use and accuracy, some also incorporate the geographic dimension and manyothers combine dimensions.

A very important dimension, but little used until now, is the psychographic-such as risk aversion, leadership ability, introversion or simply the ability to innovate. This difficulty is due to the way these features are measured traditionally through surveys or tests, as is now possible to see in many sites of AFP and banks.However, imagine how costly it would apply this test to all bank customers!

How to do it?

One way to address this difficulty is to estimate those hidden features from others that do well can be observed and useful to build marketing profiles. An example would be to estimate the risk profile of a customer, using your choice of certain vehicle types over others, the amounts invested in these, brands, models and even colors. In this way, it would be possible to generate profiles as family oriented, concerned about innovative security or permanent.

Internet offers a highly suitable for this type of characterization, given the amount of information in addition topurely transactional you can get. For example, when buying an e-commerce site, both the time of the transaction, the place where it is happening, even the browser used or the characteristics of the computerspeak the customer’s profile and achieve plotted in incorporating these elements as could be: indecisive,obsessive or follower of trends.

Independent of the route used, the important thing is to have a different proposals for each segment is determined or otherwise, this lack of courage and efforts like this will be in vain.

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