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Construction of datawarehouse
Posted on jueves octubre 1307, 2011

The data warehouse is a warehouse integrated with all relevant data for analytic functions of a business such as management control, the discovery of trends, customer profiles and even some behavior predictive models to identify and anticipate relevant.

The construction of this store requires a broad knowledge of various technology platforms that coexist in a company, in which some of the most common are AS400, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Excel and proprietary systems. On the other hand requires extensive experience in ways to integrate redundant and diverse origins discordant criteria for interpreting and analyzing business concepts.

Among the advantages of this construction are:

  • Increased timeliness of information, as these repository administered close to the business areas.
  • Do not interfere in the operation of transactional systems.
  • Unique versions of information to unify formats and criteria.

Two objectives: Increase Value and Reduce Risk

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