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Posted on martes septiembre 2036, 2011

Customer: Chilecompra
Claudio Loyola, Boss Public Market ChileCompra

“In MetricArts find not only a team but also a partner”

Almost a year than was the release of Analyze, Claude Loyola (ChileCompra Boss Public Market) spoke about the challenges of this project, almost unique in the world and its experience with the team Metric Arts inthe development of this tool.

Much is the Business Intelligence (BI) and little is understood specifically what it does. Many are its advantages and its ability to turn data into real decisions in the business world. But what to do with it and how to get more out of the figures gives us the public market? Two years ago the Public Market teamChileCompra asked something very similar. They noted that there was a whole value was being wastedwithout getting any benefit. After a long process and after six months of bidding, Metric Arts took on the challenge as a partner of the project and the results slowly began to emerge.

What to do with all this data? They thought very general solutions, but always with the North in making available to all citizens the information needed to facilitate the bidding process and thereby improve their quality. “If we we could be able to provide good information, suppliers can make better offers. Thus, toprovide more information, users know when to actually have a better chance of winning and what the buyersthat they would be interested in negotiating, among other things, “says Claudio.

Public Market team in charge of implementing policies in the procurement platform and add value to thepublic market, this process began with the lifting of some reports and reports to achieve the desired goal.”Getting them to be users themselves was the north were met with which we started working on business intelligence (BI): each user would be able to get the most value of information. And then, after a bidding process we Metric Arts “he says.

Like all public bodies, ChileCompra is subject to procurement law, so that all bids are made through the platform. From there, they began working together with Metric team, initially, to bet on Web information was available. “We had a lot of data, reports and reports we wanted to put on the Web but do not know how toaccomplish something,” he adds.

After months of work was obtained as a result an interesting starting point and ambitious: to Web site. Following that, he now added a second stage in the project, which seeks to disseminate this innovative tool and its benefits.

Analyzes project arises from your work team. However, what makes Metric is to develop and refineconcepts. How was this process, from bidding Metric so far?
What we do when we call this type of bidding is to give a rather broad space, to be the companies themselves that they can demonstrate expertise in the solution, but sometimes we must guide them. ForMetric, has been the same company that has gone deeper into the issues. Its main advantage is that they are able to suggest something when we have no solutions. This further enhances the professionalism withwhich they work.

Always a step ahead

What advantages do you find in the Metric team when they won the bidding Arts? What did the team in favorversus other companies?

As far as we caught our attention is that it showed a very strong and committed. Moreover, the issue was a challenge for them as for us, as they were in the line of innovation and new solutions. When did that bid, all the companies that came to participate told us that these features web solutions and estimated number of users it did not exist. In MetricArts, however, had already advanced with solutions of this type and were aware of tools that we handle. That gave a big plus to prevail over other companies.

How was the process from the start of work with Metric Arts to see results?

In terms of expectations for us was difficult because it involved a new line that we were starting. Everyoneasked us “how you want to do these crosses with the size of web information they handle.” Then came a second invitation to tender which was awarded again Metric Arts. Here we found that the risk level was not as high. We had now a solid foundation that allowed us to think of new phases of the project. In that sense,the flexibility the team has contributed Metric in terms of depth in different ways and propose better solutions to the problems has been extremely positive. Arts In MetricArts find not only a solid team but also a partner.

MetricArts Culture is a phrase that defines the way we do, “Whenever we go beyond what we ask.” How much have you seen that in working with the team?

Indeed having a space to move today is vital. I have never seen a problem is generated due to lack ofcommitment from the team. On the contrary, there is no challenge Metric that has no solution. In general, there is always an alternative route or a way to find new results and that definitely adds significant value to theproduct. One is quiet because you can visualize all the alternatives and evaluate potential risks before making a decision. That we value.

Two objectives: Increase Value and Reduce Risk

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