What we do

BI proyects

Design and development of projects to support decision making based on three pillars, Data Integration, Information Distribution and analytical models.


We have developed several software solutions for our customers. These portals include analytical reports, custom analytic applications and integration tools and data cleansing.


We offer a training program to ensure that end users have sufficient technical skills and knowledge to properly use the tools and framework for business intelligence.


We offer our technical knowledge and teaching in the search for solutions of the highest quality. Our experience, based on the implementation of real solutions in complex environments, gives us a broad and integrated best practices and methodologies.

Media Clipping

We offer the most comprehensive coverage of media with information on all the news and online alerts occur every minute. Classify the information so you get the most benefit, through an ongoing audit at the instant required to optimize its resources and delivering the best guidance for decision-making.

Blog Highlights


Turning data into decisions

Martes septiembre 13th, 2011

It has become almost a commonplace of the discourse on information technology (IT) paradigm of transforming data into information and of these, in turn, into knowledge. However, to review progress on these issues within organizations, one can see that efforts often lack vision and sustainability


Metric Arts participates in the main SmartCities World Fair

Martes diciembre 6th, 2016

The days 15, 16 and 17 of November was held in Barcelona the fair Smartcity Expo, main fair in the world on smart cities technologies. On this occasion, Metric Arts participated along with other 7 companies as part of the Chilean delegation in this prestigious fair. Metric Arts presented its advances in computer vision to improve public transport […]